05 March 2009

An Update...YEY!

So here we go. Indiana is doing MUCH better. He gave us all a scare. He had to go to the vet and we were on pins and needles for a week until the test results came in. He is all good now. He was on a couple medications and seems fine now. He is at my RC house for a week on a switch so I am dogless which is a very weird feeling...I havent been dogless since the short break I took between Yellsea and Mork. Indiana is a good boy. He got hormones for Christmas so we are combatting with those and his "Im not listening stage" but overall he is doing well with his commands. He comes to work with me almost everyday and is doing great playing with other dogs and practicing commands with dog distractions while off leash (in a fenced yard obviously). he is pretty good at all the basics but we are still working on some of the harder ones. He wil be 10 months old this month. WOW! Here are some pictures that were taken January 23rd at work. When I get him back I will post more recent pictures. Promise.
A cute face shot in the Daycare Room
Indy and Calea one of the Daycare dogs
Playing out in the Daycare Yard
He has a ton of fun!
Waiting for me to throw the ball for him.
Now for the Glacier news: As you all know Glacier was released from GEB's Training program after completing her fianl phase of training and aiting to be matched with a graduate. Her darn medicals had caught up with her and she couldnt go anyfarther with us BUT because her medicals were not too severe she was accepted into the Canadian Guide Dog training program. They are going to switch her food which should take care of her issues. She and her roommate Yasha also raised in my region and released the same week headed up to Canada to be evaluated for thier guide dog program. I am so excited. She is a great girl and her trainer at GEB was so pleased with her work pattern and guide ability so I am glad taht she still has a chance to be able to put her skills to use. I havent heard any news yet on how she is doing but no news is good news at this point. They have a "graduation" that all puppy raisers are invited to attend. I hear it is a ton different then our graduations. It is more like a formal tea party type get together where raisers meet the graduates but I am not totally sure how it works. I will keep you updated on her when I hear. Good Luck Girls!!
Yasha and Glacier in the kennels at GEB
Glacier in Community Run at GEB
In other news...I don't know if I offically said anything but Glacier's Sister Gretchen raised by my RC was accepted into GEB's breeding program and had her first litter on December 22nd. They were the G408 litter with 6 girls and 4 boys. We have one of her puppies now being raised by Westons raiser. His name is Galaxy. He is a tiny black lab and oh so cute. Another Glacier sibling BrookLynn is also a breeding dog for her school and had her first litter on January 8th. They are also the G litter. How cool is that!! They are wicked cute too!! Jeanette, Indiana's half sister, went in for her IFT at the end of January and is being looked at by the heads of GEB to become a Breeder for the program. I think that is it for news.
Gretchen's Brood Photo
Gretchen and her G litter
Baby Galaxy

Pretty BrookLynn

BrookLynn and Her G Litter

Jeanette's Last Day in Daycare with Friend Max


Natalie said...

Yay for updates! Glad to hear Indiana is feeling better, he has certainly grown up to be a very handsome young pup!

That's interesting that Glacier is now in Canada...I'm guessing she's at the school in Ottawa? I have some friends up there, I may have to go visit them and stalk her down for you ;)

Love all the pictures, especially Gretchen's huge doggy grin and wrinkles!

The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

Yes she is at CDGB just outside od Ottawa. How cool that you have friends there. I dont know too much about their program and have fingers crossed that she graduates with them and I can go visiting. It would be awesome if you went and found her. *wink* I love Gretcehns face as well. So Wrinkly. We always thought that she was soo much bigger then Glaze but they weigh exactly the same.

Anna and Avani said...

I love Indiana's face - the black on his chin is adorable!

Good for Glacier - I hope all goes well with CGDB and that they'll put her to work as a great guide!

TSE Puppyraiser said...

Wow, a lot of news indeed!

Indy has gotten bigger and fluffier, yay! I still love his huge ears.

Fingers crossed for Glacier and Jeanette!

Emily said...

I'm a GEB raiser,too. I'm almost finished with my first pup, Hart. You can see him on my blog at http://gebpups.blogspot.com/