14 May 2008

Quick Update

So the stress of studying for finals is over but the stress of finding out grades will come soon. Then add on the stress of graduation on Sunday! O the joy! But I finally got the official ok (my advisor told me it was ok a long time ago) that Miss Glaze can walk with me at graduation! I am excited about that. Glacier is on a home switch right now and I have had the great luck to receive into my home a wonderful boy name Weston. He is grandpup to Sarah's Major and nephew to her Diego. He is such a love. He is high energy but settles fast and has the gorgeous big head I love so much on labs. We are working hard on a few of his minor issues but I absolutely love having him around.  I realized that I haven't post pictures of Glacier lately so here are some from March Madness. 
Dogs are (l-r) Jeanette, Glacier, Pekoe and Wrangler.
Southern Tier Pups Jet, Glaze and Wrang
Southern Tier Pups with Raisers
This is from a presentation that we did at the end of March for one of our young raisers so that she can bring her puppy to school with her when the dog gets old enough to handle it.
Dogs (L-R) Edwin- retired guide, Wrangler, Olympia, Jeanette, and Glacier
Update on Elijah- I finished his blood work panel on Friday and he was all clear. We brought him back to the Humane Society on Saturday and it broke my heart. I did cry when I left him in his run even though I knew it was only till Monday morning. He was adopted by the sister of the lady who adopted his brother. He will have a ton of land to run and play on and of course he will be reunited with his brother, Ethan. He went to Maine on Monday to spend the summer now that he is all clear. He will be rechecked in three months just to be 100% positive that we got everything. I am so glad that he is going to have a great life and hopefully I will hear about him in a few months. Good boy Elijah! Everyone at Alfred State wishes you luck!


Anna and Lawrence said...

What great looking dogs!And yay on Elijah!! Go big boy!!

Sarah said...

Where are my Weston pix?!?!?!

Oh, and I'm gonna send the group shot to Liisa, if you don't mind. I'll talk to you later!

Erin & Midi Girl said...

wow love the pictures! They all look gorgeous!

Kelsey and Spike said...

Yay for Elijah! And look at all those gorgeous pups!:D

TSE Puppyraiser said...

Awww, yay Elijah! I hope he does well at his new home.

Wrangler looks HUGE! Haha. I love how the dogs all have a certain 'look' depending on what school they're from. Kinda neat in my opinion. Glacier's gotten so big! Is it your turn with Katie yet? ;-)

And okay, tell me, where and what article did you read about me & Mr. C? There's apparently three out there that I know of from our graduation!

Elizabeth and Alana said...

Pretty puppies! I love the GSDs, and of course Glacier looks great too.

SARAH said...

the pictures are amazing! So neat when they looked opposite ways like that.