17 June 2008

Graduation Plus Goodbye & Hello

So on May 18th I graduated from Alfred State College's Veterinary Technology program. Glacier was able to walk with me. She was so good. We had to stand back stage for about an hour before going into the gym. She just layed down and wasnt bothered by all of the people walking back and forth around her. She was also very good throughout the ceremony and was entertainment for the Vet Techs and the Nursing students in front of us through the horribly boring ceremony. As MeKalea and heels do not mix I was slightly nervous how walking would go but Glacier practiced excellent loose lead walking and I had no problems. Everyone was very impressed with how well she handled the ceremony and the after party. She had a very long day as we went out to dinner after the after party and then drove my grandmother back home to Syracuse. She was awesome and made the whole day that much more special. *more and better pictures to come soon*
Walking across the stage for my "diploma"
Returning to our seats

The after party with some of the VT Seniors and VT Teachers

My favorite grad pics of just me

The final step of this part of life is taking my liscencing exam on Friday!!! Its a 4 hour exam that determines wether or not I become an official LVT! Wish me luck. After that exam I don't have any idea what I' m going to do next but one thing is probable (going back to school) and one thing is definate; what ever my life brings I will have a dog with me.

Now for the Goodbye. As you can see to the side there Glacier leaves in just a little over a month. All of the puppies that are so much younger then her are leaving the same time! She will be almost 19 months old. She will be the puppy that I have had for the longest period of time. I will miss her a lot. She has turned into a fantastic dog with excellent obedience and social skills but still has her super crazy and fun side lovingly refered to as The Yellow Tornado side. Having her for this long is a challenge. There is only so much you can do berfore they get bored. So whats in store for the last of her time here is at least one puppy switch with her sister Gretchen, trip to the mall, trip to county fair, some agility practice and we have been invited to go swimming at Jeanette's house.

And lastly the Hello. I had told you all before that Faith and I would be co-raising Miss Katie but things did not work out for that. Her personality and our schedules just did not work out in her favor so putting Katie first we decided it was best that Faith keep Katie and I get my own puppy. So that is what I am going to do. I will let you all guess breed and name. Hints are that the puppy is a male and his name begins with an I. I do know the possible names so go ahead and guess I names. I will post more hints as more information becomes available. I am excited. He was born on May 12th so he should be puppy tested in the next few weeks and be ready to come home before Glacier goes IFT.


Emily and Suede said...

Congrats on graduating! Goodbyes are always so hard. Good luck to both of you!

And for Mr."I" my guess is a black lab. Can't wait until we hear more!

Elizabeth and Alana said...

I think that Mr. "I" is a male yellow Lab named Igor. Graduating is so exciting! And last, but not least, good luck to Glacier, and good luck to you saying goodbye to her. :(

Lisa & Runza said...

Good luck to Glacier as she goes in for IFT!!! I had Runza for 21 months. You definitely get attached to them when you have them longer.

How exciting on the new little one. My name guesses are:

Ivan, Igor, Isaac, Ichabod, and (to keep with the frozen Glacier theme) Iditarod, and Igloo :)

Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

Congratulations!!! I can't wait to hear what you do next! I can't believe our girls are leaving us :(, but I know they will both do great! I am also getting a new little boy... the day Angel leaves!

Sarah said...

You know who I want you to get! Fingers crossed :)

TSE Puppyraiser said...

Well, Lisa guessed some of the ones I thought of too, so here's my guesses. So I'll say a yellow boy named *ahem* either Ian, Isaiah, Ion, Ike, Irving, Ira, Ice, Iggy, Indiana ;-), Indigo, Inky, Ireland or Irish. One of us HAS to get it.

Ann W. said...

I know (as does Sarah) the breed and 50/50 on the name. Congrats on graduating and on the LVT exam! Good to see you at class - hey - a boy dog on the way!! Yea! :-)

The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

Hi Ann I didn't know you were on here. Class is always fun! I am looking forward to a boy dog I miss having the boys.

As for Sarah.. Yes I want that one too but I have more then one reason for wanting that one. lol

Everyone else... Thanks for the guesses! I will give you another clue as soon as I get home from talking my LVT exam. Someone has guessed correct at this point but Im not saying who. ;^)

Kelsey and Spike said...

I guess a yellow lab for Mr.I. Sorry it didn't work out co-raising Katie.

Congratulations on graduating! Awesome. :D