27 June 2008


So Im in the mood I get into periodically, wondering why do I do this. Why do I work so hard and go through so much heartbreak with a puppy from the tender age of 8 weeks till they are are 16-18 months just to give them up at the point where they are almost the perfect dog and you can see your work starting to pay off. Sigh...I mean I know why I do this I've seen the result of all my hard work and it is the most wonderful reward in the world. I think I'm just getting sad that Glacier is ready to leave and I will have to say goodbye to her in less then a month. The uncertainty I feel towards her future is egging me on to feel this way in part. I have no doubt that she will pass her IFT test but what will her life in training be? My fingers are crossed that she will make it all the way through but I have my doubts that come through every now and then about certain things which is why I am so grateful to have Sarah and some other great friends that listen to my concerns. I think the doubts I have are amplified by the fact that I know that there is no way that I can take her back if she should not make it and it breaks my heart. I have really grown attached to my yellow tornado over the last 16 months. I also have another theory on why I feel this way right now...I miss Mork. Glacier is my last connection to him in a wierd way. She was here before he left and so my missing Mork is making my feelings toward Glacier stronger! Now, I know for a fact that Mork is doing fine as I do have contact with Michael and we talk and I have a ton of pictures of him but Glacier leaving kind makes me miss them both more. I dont even know if that makes any sense at all. Actually...typing all of this has made me feel a ton better! Having GLacier has had its ups and downs but I know that she is ready and that she will do what is best for her. No matter what I will be proud of my tornado! And now as promised, especially since I am in a way better mood now then when I started typing this post, I have another hint for you on the new baby Puppy #6! So far at least one person has guessed correctly but on which part Im not telling. The new clue is that the puppy's name is a place name. Remember that it is a male and the name starts with an I. So keep the guesses on breed, color and name coming! I can't wait to meet my new little man and go through the whole cycle again! I cant imagine not doing this!
On that note I leave you some cute puppy pictures!




Katie Lamar Amos maybe?

G506 Litter


Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

OK, I sort of missed the boat on the last round of guessing, so I'll guess Ireland, male yellow lab.

And I definitely feel your recall "funk." I am having some extreme difficulty with the whole process of puppy raising at the moment. I of course love it too, but it is breaking my heart even more than usual to send Angel off... Last July I had 3 dogs (2 pups plus Maggie) and this July I will not have a single one of them left. The only leg up on you that I have is that I will take Angel back if she doesn't make it. I hope puppy breath will make us both feel better!

Can't wait to meet your new boy! Yay for the boys!

Kelsey and Spike said...

Oh soo ONE person guessed it right. Probably Emily with male black lab? :D

I feel your recall pain right now. I won't be able to take Spike back if he doesn't make the cut, and I know he's ready, but I don't think I am! :( Good luck.

Lisa & Runza said...

I'm sticking with a black lab.

Hm... place names huh?

Sarah said...

Awwww, I'm sorry about the funk. I hate that part too. Anytime you need to talk, I'm here. Except when my computer comes dangerously close to exploding, like the other night...

Can I guess the pix?
9-Glacier's litter

If I got any of those right can my prize be that you get the right puppy???

Can't wait to meet that Yellow Tornado!!!!!

Natalie said...

Illinois! hahah

I really like Emily's name guess of Ireland :)

Anna and Lawrence said...

I was thinking India or Ireland and let's go with a black labbie.

GDA LAB said...

I am guessing Ink and it is a black lab. Our puppy Dustin went IFT in February and we continue waiting to hear if he will graduate July 27. We began raising our third puppy a couple weeks ago. He was born May 7th, male yellow lab, Dutch. Congrats on your graduation!!!