22 July 2008

Update and Goodbye

Well the last month has just flown by. We had a ton of lasts throughout that month including her last class and her last puppy switch. Glacier's last class was also the last class for 3 other Southern Tier puppies ( Weston Yasha and Gretchen). At class we did a pairs walk and practices dogs in front and dogs behind as well as side by side. We did some distance command work ( verbal and hand signal) watched a previous dogs IFT test and did some work on the Go Place command. At the end of the night we got our certificates of completion and our puppy bars ( we get a pin for our first puppy and then each puppy after we get a bar with the number of puppies raised on it so this is my 5 puppy bar).

Our Certificate

Goodbye Southern Tier dogs! l-r Yasha, Weston, Gretchen and Glacier (w/ Westons raiser)

Glacier went home with Gretchen's raiser and I took Gretchen home from class. They are sisters and in the above picture you can sorta see the similarities and differences. It was interesting to have gretchen they are alike in a lot of ways. They have the same really funny sleeping position ( I will try and get a picture of it posted here- my camera was broken when I had Gretchen so no pictures of her while she was with me), the same happy bounce and a ton of other similarities. Gretchen is bigger boned and redder. They were switched for a week. Saturday and Monday (the 12th and the 14th) was my county fair. We had quite a few GEB dogs that were at the dog show! They all behaved really well. It was cool that we had two of each (black, yellow, and GSD).

Southern Tier Group l-r Jeanette, Wren, Glacier and Olympia

Entire Group front: Wren back l-r Jeanette, Glacier, Olympia, Jillian, and Puma

Last Wednesday was Eval day. I went to help out and Glacier was there but there was no eval for her (she is too old) :-(. After that I went home with Faith for the week which brings us to now. Both girls are here with me so we have a house full of dogs... 7 total. They all get along great so it has been fun to let them all play in the backyard. I will try and get a picture of everyone before we leave. Wren is also experiencing life on the farm. lol. Glacier has been here before on a switch so the animals are no big deal for her but Wren is so interested in everything. There are 3 horses, 2 goats, 2 ducks and a rabbit and Wren is having the time of her life. (I will post pictures of everything when I get home).

I can't believe that we are working on hours left with Glacier instead of days or weeks. Tomorrow is her last day with me her last night in the ST region. Thursday we are going down to GEB for the annual Regional Coordinators Workshop and we will be bringing Glacier, Gretchen and Weston down with us and putting them in their runs to prepare for their IFT on Tuesday. I will be sad but am super excited that I actually get to take her to the school. We will be staying the weekend for the workshop and learning a ton so I wont really be saying goodbye goodbye till we leave GEB to go home.

On a happier note I get Mr. I on Saturday! I am super excited! This pick up will be a lot of fun. Workshop is a time whena ton of puppies go home. It reminds me a lot of GDB when the puppy truck hands out the puppies as it is a van with all the puppies in it and are handed out to the RCs to bring home with them. We are also bringing home a released dog with us and possibly another puppy depending on tests and so forth. I cant wait to get Mr. I. So here is my final clue for the new baby. His name has been guessed but the color guesses or the breed guessed have been incorrect! I will introduce him on Sunday (hopefully) when we get home!


Kelsey and Spike said...

Good luck to Glacier!

Since no one has guessed it yet, I'm going to go out on a limb and say a male golden retriever for Mr.I.

Elizabeth and Alana said...

I can't believe she is leaving already. Good luck with turn-in, and I'll be anxiously awaiting the post about Mr. "I"!

Emily and Suede said...

I can't believe recall is here! Good luck to both you and Glacier at turn in. Can't wait to see what she can do!! And I can't wait to meet Mr.'I'. I like Kelsey's idea of a golden. Maybe you can get a sibling to ours?

Anna and Lawrence said...

Hmmm as soon as you said the breed hasn't been guessed I thought of a golden. That would be so great! I can't wait to hear about him!!