03 May 2008

The Big E!

So here are some pics of Mr. Elijah, my project dog. The pics don't do justice to his gorgeous blue eyes but you can sorta tell. He is nearing the end of his month of heartworm treatment. I will be drawing blood in a week for his final chemistry panel and to check to make sure he has no more heartworms present. We did have one minor issue along the way, because his immune system was down he was more susceptible to other parasites and did have to be treated for hookworms. Ewww! I love this dog and am glad that I got to help get him ready for adoption. I will miss him dearly!!! Fingers crossed that his final results are good and he can get to the loving home he deserves soon!
Me and E-Man
I love this dog!
Looking to the future!
My Gorgeous E Boy! I love you! Good Luck!


Sarah said...

Good luck Elijah! Great pix!

thepuppyraiser said...

He does have beautiful eyes...any idea what breeds he might be?

Hopefully he'll be parasite free come next week!

Anonymous said...
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