13 August 2007

Yellsea pictures

I was going through pictures making sure that I had all the good pictures of Mork ( well not all of them but as many as I could) out for his photo album and I came across a few more cute pictures of Yellsea while she was with me. Enjoy!
Yellsea (bullseye butt) and Ozzie playing
Yellsea Matilda and Ozzie

Yellsea Pumpkin!

Halloween Costume!

Yellsea Me and Kev Yellsea Kevin and I Ar'nt they ADORABLE! Yellsea at March Madness You can see her tan! What was that??


Natalie said...

haha those pumpkin pictures are way too cute

Megan & Sherman said...

Too cute!! I love the bullseye butt. That gave me a good giggle and the pumkin costume is to die for. :) What a pretty girl.

Mike said...

Hi MeKalea

Hi from the UK
Firstly apologies for not replying to your comment on my blog site earlier, I have no excuses other than I didn’t see the number of comments at the bottom of the page !!!
Nice to be able to see what’s going on in New York and will now continue to review your blog
Of course you may link if you wish.
All the best to you and your pups
Mike & Milo