02 August 2007

For Erin

So the other day Erin asked me what my favorite dog names would be. Well of course I told her that it would depend. So we came up with a compromise (really i came up with it to the chagrin of Erin). I told her that I have sorta been compiling a list of dog names since I was in 8th grade. When I was in 8th grade my grandfather called to tell me that he had a puppy for me and that I needed to come up with a name. So I enlisted the help of a small few of my friends( which turned into most of the 8th grade) to help me come up with a few names. The list kept growing and is still growing and right at this minute consists of 2,960 non repeating names with as few people names as possible. There are names for every letter of the alphabet except for x. So anyways for Erin and anyone else that is interested here is a list of my favorite names...for each letter. lol. Boys in blue girls in pink. (Erin these might be slightly different than the list I started the other day). A Apachie Alpine B Bacardi Bahama C Calibur/Croxley Calyx/Cascade D Diggery/Diesel Dasani E Everest Eclipse/Envy F Finland Fiji G Gaelic Genoa H Hawkeye Hedwig/Harpie I Iago Inoue(inoway)/Ixchel(eshell) J Jigsaw Jersey K Kraven Keifer L Lansing/Limrik Liesel/Lanai M Mowgli Moxie N Novak Nalani/Nymph O Ozark/Oxford O'Keefe P Pollux/Puzzle Pheonix/Pixel Q Qwilleran Quette R Romulus/Remington Renegade/Rhapsody S Samurai Skye Serenade T Tuxedo(Tux for short) Tipai U Uzo Ubella V Vortex/Vegus Vodka/Velour W Wiskey/Woodstock Widge/Whisper Y Yishai (e shy) Yardin Z Zephyr Zyair/Zest You have no idea how long that took. lol. Let me know what you guys think!!


Anonymous said...

Sure that is no problem. I will link you as well :)

Angie said...

We actually had a Keifer in the Maine region, but it was a boy! He just passed his IFT last week.

Joanna and Camry said...

I LOVE Hedwig, and Skye. :)