26 May 2011

The End to a Journey

Kilroy came to the end of his journey as a Puppy in Training in April. Those of you on facebook already know that. He has a medical issue that does not allow him to become a guide. Disappointing? YES! So much potential! Such a willingness to please and a drive to work. He was a star when we were out places. Heartbreaking? NO! As now Kilroy and I get to start a new journey! One in which we get to put his willingness to please and drive to work into practice in new ways. I have lots of plans for our new journey together and he is already enjoying some of the perks of being a pet dog like sleeping on the bed and playing without the hindrance of a long line :-) I LOVE this dog and am so glad that his place in life was to be right here with me forever!

Kilroy got to spend his 1st Birthday on Tuesday playing outside chasing his tennis ball and got to have a special treat! Hes such a spoiled little man :-)


Bethany and Dahlia said...

He's such a beautiful grown up boy now! :)

pollyb said...

wow lucky dog & you' its too bad but i'am happy for him!! i have agolden ''lol