21 February 2010

Playing catch up...

Lots of stuff to cover so here we go: Glacier Glacier has been working for almost 9 months and I could not be happier with her and Anna. I get emails and updates quite frequently. She is doing really well and knows all her routes. Some of you know that she had some skin/ear issues and at this point they seem to be gone which I am so relieved about. Im happy that they are doing so well. She is such a special girl and loves working and being with her person. what more can you ask for? Indiana Indiana left for IFT on January 3rd. He passed his IFT test on the 5th and was being looked at for breeding. After about a week or so they decided that they were not going to use him as a stud so they sent him to the training school to start his harness training. Wednesday he was released from training for distraction and cats. He is going to be adopted through GEB. As much as I want him back I just cant with all the things that are going on at the moment. I am disappointed but knew deep down that guide work probably wasnt a good fit for him. I am very proud of how far he came. He overcame a lot of things medical and other stuff so in my mind he is a success! I will keep you in the loop as I find out more about his placement in the next couple of weeks. Life Dog Life So after indiana went IFT I decided to take a break from puppy raising. I am trying to focus myself. I am still really active in GEB. At the moment I am puppy sitiing Galaxy who is a Gretchen baby (Glaciers sister) while his raiser recovers and gets used to life with a new baby. He is AWESOME! I have also had a rotating door to puppies in region that needed a sitter for the day so I have also had Galaxy's sister Goldie and a few other puppies just for quick day outings. What happens after Galaxy goes home...well at the moment it is up in the air. Im not sure what I am going to do. My break plan was to take 6 months to a year off. I dont know if that is going to work I have been looking at litters but have held strong on not putting my name on a litter lol. Wren is still Wren she is doing well. She is starting to get grey which makes me sad. I keep plucking random grey hairs lol I also have threatened chalking her. Poor Wren haha. Varsity is still working. I havent heard anything from him but I will know when he retires which hasnt happend yet! Good boy! I hear for Yellsea's people about once a year and she is also doing well. I have a letter to Morks new family havent heard anything on him yet. Other Life What is other life lol. Like I said before Im trying to get things back in control. I am trying to figure out exactly what I want to do. I am debating a few different things and so far so good! My family is doing well. My younger brother is competing at States for diving this week and has qualified to apply to nationals which will be held next month and is waiting to hear if he is has made it in. The youngest brother is doing well in his first year of college...I feel old haha! I am staying in Syracuse for a while with my grandmother will see how that works out. I think thats about it in news. I hope that I have covered everything. I am hoping to do more on my blog in the future so look forward to that :)


Sarah said...

I didn't know Indy was released :( So sorry!

Hobbes Dogs said...

Good to hear from you!

Sorry to hear that Indiana was released, but glad to hear all the good news about the rest of your pups.

Random aside, but I think it's so cool that your brother does diving!! It is one of my favourite sports to watch, and I would love to do it too.

*~Amy~* said...

Haven't been here for a while but it seems like a lot has been going on.
That is so neat Glacier graduated in Ottawa!
Sorry to hear about Indiana, I'm sure he will find a great home.