29 July 2008

Glacier Update

Hi all,
Just wanted to do a quick update on Glacier. As you all know I brought her to the kennels last Thursday (picture post to come soon!). They like to have them in the kennels with plenty of time to adjust to the new life before testing them. Yesterday Glacier and the 3 other Southern Tier dogs took their IFT test and all four passed with flying colors! I am so excited that Glacier is now in training. One hurdle complete fingers crossed for the rest of her journey how ever it ends up! I will explain the IFT test once I recieve it on DVD.

Good Luck Glacier Girl! I love you!


Emily and Douglas said...

Way to go Glacier! Good luck girl!

Emily and Suede said...

Good job Glacier!! Continued good luck to you :)

Elizabeth and Alana said...

Good job, pups!

Natalie said...

YAY!!! Congratulations, and good job Glacier- keep up the good work!!!

Also- AHHHHHH I can't believe you love Idina too!!!! I don't know anyone else who does haha so this is quite exciting news! *sigh* I wish you lived closer so we could go see her in Detroit haha
Oh well... someday!

Anna and Lawrence said...

Congraaats!!! What a good girl!!! Go Glacier Go!