07 March 2008

This and That

*Not much has been going on here. Glacier has gotten back into the routine. She is really good at school. Last Saturday was my brother's State swiming and diving meet in Syracuse. Glacier was amazing and slept most of the meet. When we took breaks we pracited obedience and stairs. She got in so many good people greetings and food distractions were not a problem. Then Sunday she lost it all. O well she is back to normal now. *I got an email from my RC and we finally have a date for Glacier and her sister Gretchen. July 26th leaving and July 29th for the test. I know that it is a long time from now and that the date is subject to change at any moment but it is still sad that she is now on the list. *Ive been slowly coming to the realization that I graduate from college in 8 weeks!! Its kinda weird to think about. There is so much going on and I am not sure what I am going to do with my life after school. At this point I am just glad that Glacier will be able to walk with me (although with my luck she'll go into heat). *I am on the list for another puppy. I will let you guys guess the breed, sex and color! (Sarah you are not allowed to play) At this point the litter is already born and we are now just waiting on puppy test results! YEY! Hopefully everything works out. Fingers Crossed! * In closing I leave you with pictures of Mork.
January 2008 Class The two of Them

The three of us


Sarah said...

I won't guess, but can I ask if it was what you and Faith were planning? I hope so, I am so excited!!!!!

Lisa & Runza said...

Great pics!!!

Um. Male, Lab, Black.

Am I close?

p.s. congrats on your upcoming graduation!!!! it's a wild experience! Got any plans after graduation?

Kelsey and Spike said...

Glad to hear Glacier is doing well, hopefully the time won't go by too quickly between now and her recall.

So exciting, and nerve wracking about your upcoming grad! Hope Glacier doesn't decide to go into heat and miss the big event. ;)

Love the pics, my guess for next puppy would be....a male yellow lab.

MK said...

I'm going to be different and guess a female shepherd!

It's crazy, it IS only 8 weeks until graduation! When do you graduate? Our date is May 16. I hope my pup can walk with me too.

I love the picture of Mork, you and his partner. He looks so good!

If you'd like to read my blog again, just drop me an e-mail at dazzlingstar at gmail dot com and I'll gladly add you. I don't know if you were around when I went private. :-)

Anna and "Lawrence" said...

Hmmm...how about a female black lab? Seems to be an epedemic of those coming around here. :)

Angie said...

I'll say yellow Lab, boy. Is it by chance out of the F or G litters? I know their moms, both were Maine-raised dogs.

Tonka & James said...

Hi MeKalea, a link back would be great. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and I think Glacier is an awesome name for a dog BTW. Does Guiding Eye's allow you guys to pick the names?