09 June 2007


Hi all. I am so sorry to all of those who like the occasional updates that I usually manage to do. I know I have been a great disappointment. Here is my excuse. My computer has completely broken! So I have no comp. :-( It is very upsetting. I also have been extremely busy lately with dog shows. I am planning on taking Wrne to her first agility trial tomorrow-wish us luck! I am co leader for our 4-h dog club and since May starts dog show season we have been working double time to get the kids ready then attending 4 dogs shows in the last 3 weeks. WHEW! Glacier is being a very good girl and is growing fast. She is 5 months old and weighs 42 lbs. She is adorable. Wrne is doing well and got her AKC CGC Certification last Monday. ( CGC stands for Canine Good Citizen). Mork is doing well in training and if I can sneek another use on this computer I will post his training reporst soon. He is in phase two and is having a blast. I hope everyones summer is going well and that everyones comp is behaving a whole lot better then mine. In puppy love, MeKalea and GEB Glacier

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Erin & Rei said...

Yay fr Wren,Glacier and Mork!!!
YAY for a update!